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CPA Campus Access Profile


The Chartered Professional Accountants of BC are pleased to be launching the new CPA Campus Access Profile, available as of Monday, January 12, 2015. The CPA Campus Access Profile is a database that will represent a key means through which employers will identify potential candidates in the last year of their post-secondary accounting studies. This does not replace the traditional ‘fall recruit’ process in place at your campus;  rather this represents an expanded opportunity for graduating accounting students to engage with employers representing the multitude of career opportunities and business sectors that are now available through the merged accounting profession.


CPA’s Campus Access Profile is designed to connect post-secondary accounting students approaching the end of their studies directly with quality employers looking for potential employees. Only CPA employment partners, public practice firms and organizations with pre-approved positions will be given exclusive access to this system; providing graduating post-secondary accounting students with exposure to career opportunities in a broad range of business sectors including industry, government, non-profit, and public practice. Employers accessing this system may use it to identify potential candidates for networking events, speed interview nights, office tours, initial interviews or engage in direct email contact with students they would like to consider for future employment opportunities.


The Campus Access Profile is designed to be brief and easy to complete. In addition to information on which business sectors, geographic areas, and the date that students will be available to commence full-time employment, students have an opportunity to briefly present their work experience and reflect on employment competencies they have acquired. The Campus Access Profile is not meant to be and will not serve as a final selection tool for employers, but a tool to identify groups of candidates meeting the initial search criteria of the employer.


As the date of availability for full-time employment draws nearer, the engagement opportunities available to students that have completed the CPA Campus Access Profile will be further enhanced as they are granted temporary access to the full CPABC Careers Site. However we wish to encourage students to complete the Campus Access Profileearlier in their final year of studies as CPA will be working with key employers to provide means of engagement throughout that final year of studies.


Access to The Campus Access Profile is limited to post-secondary accounting students who are available to commence full-time work within one year, will have completed the majority of the CPA prerequisites by the time they are ready to work, and are registered as CPA Career Connect members.


To complete the CPA Campus Access Profile, go to:

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