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CAA x Student Social

March 2023

The aim of this event is to wrap up the year before examination month in April as well as to act as a hiring event for the CAA for the next academic year (2023 – 2024). Traditionally, the CAA starts the year with fewer members and builds up its foundation in the second half of the fall term. Because of this I wanted to facilitate an event that will be annually recognized by our student body as a fun night of networking but with the intention of attracting talent to the CAA for the next academic year.

We are hoping to have connected with students throughout the year and from the relationships built be able to give them final information/advice around moving into spring recruit either in a full-time or internship capacity. The CAA wants to be as transparent as possible and help many students prepare in the interim leading up to spring recruit.

This final event will be a great way to celebrate the CAA’s success as well as continue the new and pre- existing relationships the CAA and CPABC have built with the student body going into next year.

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