CPA Recruitment Resources 2022/2023 

The CPA Recruit is an annual recruitment campaign where international, national, and local CPA firms hire accounting students for full-time, summer internship, or Co-op positions. The Capilano School of Business and the CAA work with CPA to help and support you throughout the process.


Need More Information?

Learn more about the CPA designation here including information about becoming a CPA, the merger, CPA Course pre-requisites, dates for information sessions and much more.

Most students will be recruited in the spring and fall of 2022/23 for full-time, summer, and co-op positions that start in 2023/24. The guidelines for hiring are outlined below. These guidelines apply to all candidates applying for pre-approved positions that begin in the 2023 calendar year, including current students, graduated students, and out-of-province students.

It is critical you keep up with events and participate especially if you are a third or fourth year student as it will aid in your success during recruit season. You can do so by subscribing to our newsletter or by following our Facebook page and checking back regularly.