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Tutoring Program

Do you need support in your accounting/finance courses? Sign up for our tutoring program and extend your knowledge! Rates are to be determined through an agreement between the tutor and student.


The intention of the CAA’s policies and procedures for tutoring is to protect both tutors and tutees, as well as the associations from misunderstandings and academic misconduct. Additionally, this document provides a guideline for a successful tutoring contract. New tutoring agreements are to be established each semester between tutors and students.


  1. Individuals interested in tutoring for any eligible courses must have a minimum 4.00 GPA in the specific course they want to tutor and an overall 3.67 GPA and are required to demonstrate their understanding of course materials through a mock tutoring session.

  2. Tutors are to act as a guide to provide further support, outside of the classroom setting, to students. Tutors are NOT to provide answers and solutions for, but not limited to, student’s homework, assignments, and quizzes/tests.

  3. Tutors identified to have been completing any assessments for students will be disciplined in accordance with Capilano University’s Cheating and Plagiarism Policy and will not be permitted to provide further tutoring services through the CAA.

  4. Tutoring fees are to be discussed and established between tutors and students prior to the commencement of a tutoring period. A written contract must clearly state, but is not limited to, the objective of the tutoring service, the period, the individuals involved, the tutoring fees, and a preliminary payment schedule, which is to be signed by both the tutor and the student and will be provided to all parties. The CAA recommends tutoring fees between $25.00 to $30.00 per hour. The CAA is not responsible for the negotiation or collection of tutoring fees.

  5. Tutoring services should be one-on-one and group tutoring sessions are not suggested unless arrangements are made between the tutor and students in advance. Amendments to tutoring fees should also be discussed as early as possible.

  6. Service satisfaction

    • Students who are not satisfied with the tutoring services provided by a specific tutor, should contact the CAA’s Director of Tutoring.

    • Tutors who are not satisfied with the conduct of a student should contact the CAA’s Director of Tutoring.

  7. Record of complaint

    • Any tutor who receives more than three complaints of dissatisfaction will not be paired with another student and will no longer be a tutor for the CAA’s Tutoring Program.

    • Any student who receives more than three complaints of dissatisfaction will not be paired with tutors and will no longer be eligible to receiving tutoring services from the CAA’s Tutoring Program.

    • Please fill out the below formal complaint form if needed. Formal complaint submissions are considered confidential, and are only viewable by the CAA's President and Vice-president. 

Please direct all questions and concerns to CAA’s Director of Tutoring, Kam Pashandi, at

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