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Networking Social

January 2023

This event aims to act as a networking opportunity for students to interact with industry professionals, and we will look to secure reps or alumni from firms in the GVA. With hopes to organize this event in-person there is a possibility that if attendance is difficult for the reps, we may decide to host virtually.

Traditionally the networking events hosted by the CAA are very popular and we have students outside of the accounting concentration attend. It seems that the prior year’s of having these events online it has been much easier for reps to attend but sacrifices part of the experience.

We look to host this event off-campus at an easily accessible venue that is acceptable (distance-wise) for both parties. We are looking at a restaurant type of establishment where food and drinks can easily be provided and an open floor setting for networking is included.

This event also may be in collaboration with another university. Last year, our President had made connections with the BCITAA and had spoken of future collaborations.


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