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Collaborative Social & Pitch Night

September 2022


This event is to start off the year and includes all of Capilano University’s clubs/associations. The CAA composed the idea of a larger event with the aim to bring students together and collectively inform them on what each association offers as well as the respective concentrations each one is based around.

Traditionally, students are not able to gain access (early-on) to all the events offered at Capilano University so the idea of a larger collaborative event to increase engagement early on in the year and to let students know of future events throughout the year should allow the CAA to benefit going forward.

The way that the event will be facilitated will be an informative session in a classroom setting, most likely hosted at our main or Lonsdale campus and then transition into a hiring/networking/social event.

Get opportunity for students to get an idea of what association offer and are able to facilitate relationships that can benefit them moving forward inter studies.

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